HRH Prince Saud Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud

Diversifying our economy is vital for its sustainability. Although oil and gas are essential pillars of our economy, we have begun expanding our investments into additional sectors.

Although we are already among the 20 largest economies in the world, our ambitions are even greater. We aspire to have an even higher ranking by 2030, despite the headwinds of the global economic slowdown and the expected impact of our structural economic reforms.

This requires us to invest in all our resources in order to diversify the economy, unleash the capabilities of our promising economic sectors and privatize some government services.

This is our "Vision for 2030." We will begin immediately delivering the overarching plans and programs we have set out. Together, with the help of Allah, we can participate in strengthening Saudi Arabia’s position as a great nation in which we should all feel an immense pride.


Mr. Giovanni Zappia

Our commitment is to support promising sectors and promote their success so that they become new pillars of Saudi Arabia's economy.

We work to grow the renewable energy, smart mobility, construction and industrial equipment sectors.

We want to be the point of reference for the global companies that want to bring their business in the Kingdom to contribute to the growth and development of this ambitious nation.